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The Full Story

Rapidmodul established in 2021 in order to answer rising affordable building needs in the World. Our team comprises highly motivated engineers and experienced housing market professionals which help us to answer changing market needs in fast and efficient ways. We believe that the expectation from the next generation buildings needed to be answered different than ever before since the World experienced countless supply chain breakdowns in the last decade. 

Manufactured building is not a new concept. However, we believe that it is not enough for the peoples’ demand in 2020s from both design and time perspective. We have analyzed abundant resources and know-how in the industry and came with wood-metal hybrid building solutions. 


Our architects and the design team study every little detail in order to create an efficient building envelope, certainly by taking into account design trends and market economics. We hand-picked every material and our manufacturing engineers optimizes the production line in order to use the materials in the highest possible efficiency in order to present our building products to the end users in an affordable level.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Our mission is to provide affordable, superior quality and future-ready building solutions to our customers. 

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Our vision is to provide leading affordable house solutions by employing mass production methods and economies of scale.

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